Classic T-Shirt Quilts

Classic T-Shirt Quilts are laid out in a grid pattern where each shirt piece is cut to finish at a 13" square.  Sashing fabric and borders make these quilts have very classic, clean lines.

Prices:  $230 + $10 per block; $200 deposit required at ordering.

Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Custom T-Shirt quilts are unique quilts because they are laid out to suit your t-shirts, and they are best for t-shirts that have logos that will not fit in a 13" square.

Prices:  $400 + $10 per piece; $200 deposit required at ordering.

 Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts are quilts made from a variety of clothing, such as women's dresses, wedding dresses, blouses, slacks, and men's shirts.  Classic memory quilts are offered in three patterns: Log Cabin, Rail Fence, and Square in a Square.  Custom memory quilt patterns can vary.  A $200 deposit is required at ordering.


Size                                                                 Classic                          Custom

Wall Hanging 30"square                               $250                         from $275

Baby Quilt 36"x48"                                         $315                          from $345

Small Quilt 54"x66"                                       $645                         from $715

Throw Size 66" square                                   $785                         from $870

Twin Size  66"x84"                                         $995                         from $1105

Full Size   84" square                                     $1275                       from $1415

Queen Size 84"x96"                                       $1450                      from $1610

King Size 96" square                                      $1660                      from $1845


Custom Quilts

Custom Quilts are quilts not made from clothing, and vary in price based on the design and fabric chosen.  A $200 deposit is required at ordering for these quilts, as well.