Pictures! Who knew...

I think I have figured out how to add thumbnails to my blog posts.  I have mourned the fact that there did not seem to be a way to add pictures of what I am discussing to my blog, but apparently I just didn't look hard enough at the interface to see that I have a tab called "options" that allows me to add a picture.  Since this blog is really about me blindly groping through technology and slowing gaining sight, I thought I would add a photo of one of the services I offer here at Finished Fibers:  embroidery!  The studio boasts a wonderful dedicated embroidery machine...Hey, I can offer a picture of that sometime soon, too!  I should really see if I can add the thumbnail I planned to use first!  I can put embroidery in the bottom right corner of the front of the quilt or a lovely label can be created for the back.  The thumbnail shows a label on the back of a quilt.  Embroidery is an extra cost:  .75 cents a letter with a $5 minimum, but it is not a necessity.  Quilts that are gifts lend themselves to a nice bit of embroidery, though. I have not been successful in the thumbnail category, but I think I am on the right track. I will consult my technical advisor and see if I can fix it.  I have uploaded a photo...I just have to figure out how you see it!


A Special Commission

For the past three years, I have been lucky to be involved in the making of the quilts for Carolina Donor Services.  The first year, I was working at Patchwork Memories, and I had the pleasure of finishing the quilts.  Since Patchwork Memories closed, the past two years, I have made the quilts from start to finish.  The blocks that I receive from Carolina Donor Services are so special and made with such care that the quilts are an honor to make.  Carolina Donor Services posts the quilts on their website, and you can see the past years' quilts.  You can click on each quilt to see the block details and information about each donor.  This year's quilts were completed this summer, and they will be posted this fall.  You can find more information about Carolina Donor Services and see the quilts here:

Nods of Fall in August

August has arrived with unusually low humidity and cooler weather, and the thought of school starting is not far from everyone's mind.  The Finished Fibers studio has been busy continuing summer projects, such as vintage hexagons being sewn together and design plans being created for special commemorative quilts.  The nod to fall recently awakens thoughts of much cooler weather and snuggly quilts.   Those t-shirt quilts and memory quilts you have been contemplating can come to fruition this fall; peruse the rest of the site to find out how.  Or maybe you have wanted a special quilt to add a cozy feeling to your home.  Let me make that quilt for you!  In the mean time, savor the dregs of summer...

Sweet Solstice

Happy Summer and longest day of the year!  Here in my little part of NC we have beautiful, cool summer showers this morning that will give way to delicious, vegetable laden plants and provides a lovely cadence by which to sew!  Even though things seem to slow down in the summer, the Finished Fibers studio is still humming with activity.  I am posting graduation quilts in the gallery, on Instagram, and Facebook, so be sure to go see those beauties.  In addition to t-shirt quilts, I am working on memory quilts and some vintage construction work, too.  You will have to check back in the gallery for those pictures later this summer.  I am pondering posting process photos for a couple of projects to Facebook...I'll have to see how time goes!  

Enjoy summer and remember, quilts do more than warm the body; they warm the soul.  


Graduation...and so much more!

Graduation season is always a bitter sweet time of year; some form of school is ending, while some new part of life begins.  T-shirt quilts are a great way to commemorate all of the memories leading up to that graduation event, and you can already see some of this year's examples in the Gallery of the website.  Be sure to go the the gallery and enjoy those quilts that will bring so much joy...and possibly a few salty tears.  

Though graduation is not the only quilt worthy event!  I am working on a lot of different projects in the Finished Fibers Studio.   A wedding quilt, vintage hexagons that are finally being pieced into a quilt, and memory quilts to remember the lives of deceased loved ones.  Sometimes I even make quilts for people who just want something beautiful in their home.  

Wouldn't you like me to make a quilt for you?  

Busy Summer!

Wow! Summer will soon be winding down, and it has surely been busy!  Beautiful quilts are being planned and made in the studio.  Go to the gallery to see examples the quilts already made!  I am already taking Christmas orders, so you might want to think ahead!  

Gallery is Live!

Instagram to the rescue!  The gallery page is now connected to Instagram, so I can easily upload photos of quilts.  I have uploaded photos from recent finished quilts, and I will continue to do so! You can click on the image to see the description I have provided in instagram, and as always, you can contact me with questions!