Ordering a quilt is easy!  Follow these simple steps if you are ordering a T-shirt or memory quilt, and your quilt will be started in no time.  These instructions also work for Memory Bears that are made from clothing.  If you are looking for a custom quilt that is not made from clothing, then please contact me for more information.

1.  Gather together the items you wish to include in your quilt, if any.  Be sure they are clean.  Please avoid fabric softeners.  You do not need to cut anything yourself; I will do all of the cutting.  

2.  Use painter's tape or masking tape to label the sides of the shirts, etc., that you would like to be used.  For instance, if a t-shirt has a logo on the front and advertising on the back, then you can choose to use only the front of the shirt.  Simply put a piece of painter's tape on the front side of the shirt.  If the shirt has a logo/words on one side with nothing on the back, then there is no need to put a piece of tape on it.

3  Download, print, and complete the Customer Agreement Forms, and include them in the box with your clothing items, if you are going to mail them.  If you are local to the Raleigh, NC area, then you may call (585-687-8458) for an appointment to meet with me about your quilt.  You may bring the Agreement forms with you or we can fill them out when we meet.

4.  Pay your deposit.  (If you are ordering a Memory Bear, then a deposit is not required.)  You may send a check, made out to Finished Fibers, LLC, with your clothing and Customer Agreement Forms or you may pay online.

5. If you are ordering a Classic T-shirt Quilt, and you would like to choose the layout, then you may use this grid layout to help you do so.  Classic T-shirt quilts typically come in 9T, 12T, 15T, 16T, 20T, 25T, 30T, 36T in terms of the number of t-shirts used in order to fit the grid pattern.  On the grid fill in only the squares you need, such as a three by three grid for 9 T-shirts.

6.  When your order arrives, I will contact you.  At that time, I will clarify any details and discuss the projected finish date of your quilt.  The balance for the cost of the quilt will be due upon completion of the quilt and prior to return shipping.

Have I not covered everything?  Then please call 585-687-8458 or email me at finished.fibers@gmail.com.