A Special Commission

For the past three years, I have been lucky to be involved in the making of the quilts for Carolina Donor Services.  The first year, I was working at Patchwork Memories, and I had the pleasure of finishing the quilts.  Since Patchwork Memories closed, the past two years, I have made the quilts from start to finish.  The blocks that I receive from Carolina Donor Services are so special and made with such care that the quilts are an honor to make.  Carolina Donor Services posts the quilts on their website, and you can see the past years' quilts.  You can click on each quilt to see the block details and information about each donor.  This year's quilts were completed this summer, and they will be posted this fall.  You can find more information about Carolina Donor Services and see the quilts here:  https://www.carolinadonorservices.org/donor-quilts-gallery